There are often reasons to have the same report emailed to different Teams or Groups of vehicle depending on how the database is configured. 

The following will show two steps. Create a custom report from a built-in report as well as setup automatic emails. 

Login to your Database and go to Administration > Reports... > Report Views

For this example we will use Exception Detail Reports. Exception reports show the information of when an Exception Rule has been triggered. 

Setting for these rule can be found under Rules & Groups > Rules 

Select the report Depending on the detail needed. This example will be with the Advanced Exception Details Report

To access the Report Template Click Export from the top bar

This will download the Excel Template. If you know how you can change details of the report in Excel or add logos and presentation. 

At minimum all you need to do it change the filename to something useful. 

To import this new template into the database Drag the renamed excel file into the browser window. 

Once uploaded you will be taken the Email Report tab in your new report, turn the Email Option to Yes

And you will have the following 

There are two ways to have a report emailed. Either the Email Report to Me is Yes or you have to have the people that need the report as part of a group.

Be aware that your access to the database is related to your group. Vehicles to be reported on need to be in the group as well as the user. 

Selecting All or Only in Company can have everyone in the database receive the report. Also changing your group from Company to another group may have some vehicles not show correctly. 


Report Data Configuration

Type of Report - Excel is default

Date Range - This is the date range for the data set to be gathered from the Next Run date. 

Refresh - How of the email is sent. 

Next run - The date and time the report will be emailed next. If the data range is set to Today this is the time of last record as well. 

Belonging to - Allows for the report to be exclusive to groups. 

Additional Report Options

Run Report by - Device is default. If using Key Readers Driver can be an option. 

Exception Rules - If you want every Exception leave this blank, or you can select specific Exceptions Rules. 

Once done with this besure to click Save at the top of the page.